Chocosina Artisanal Ganaches 25pc Gift Box


A popular selection of our artisanal french chocolates in a classy white tin box. Each ganache is made by hand with a minimum 66% cocoa, natural ingredients, free of lactose and gluten.

Our flavors are: Coffee, Coffee Crunch, Caramel, Black Currant, Chocosina Apple Surprise, Citron, Citron Vert, Caramel Cookie, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Ginger, Grand Crus, Raspberry Maple, Fresh Mint, Flower's Honey, Orange Almond Paste, Pistachio Paste, Szechuan Pepper, Chocolate Blond & Baileys, Old Fashioned Praline, Rum Raisin and Caramel Gold Bars.

For a combination of specific flavors, please email your personal selection to

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